KDA knows in-depth research

KDA founder Kimberly Daniels August brings graduate-level training in sociology and communications and years of real world experience to every study. An accomplished moderator, Kimberly has over ten years of experience designing, managing and conducting in-depth studies that have enabled clients to launch successful products and create compelling messaging.

Our research methodologies include:

Ethnography. The study of people in context, ethnography provides a detailed understanding of how customers behave within a given world, such as a company or community.

In-depth interviews. Depending on the project, these interviews are conducted at a research facility, at the client’s site, at the homes or workplaces of participants, or via telephone.

Triads. Conducted with three participants at a time, triads combine the depth of individual in-depth interviews with the participant interaction of focus groups.

Usability testing. Is your design winning you customers or losing them? Usability testing can quickly demonstrate your products' strengths and weaknesses. KDA has years of experience conducting usability testing for products, software, web sites and interfaces.